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Assess, Engage, and Train

Our innovative and comprehensive approach empowers us to understand, engage, and develop all parts of the waste cycle. We assess, engage, and train haulers, businesses, and municipalities to innovate and accelerate waste diversion.

Compost Colorado

Assess and Understand

Every community and business landscape is different so no waste assessment or management plan should look the same. CoCo takes a holistic approach on assessing hauling practices, processing infrastructure, and end market development for your organization or community.

Planting Plants

Engage and Educate

CoCo will connect and engage with diverse stakeholders to foster community buy-in, interest, and momentum. CoCo's focus on the low-hanging fruit enables businesses and organizations be as effective as possible with limited resources.

Train and Develop

From training schools and businesses on how to compost; improving your hauling practices; to developing compost infrastructure we provide innovative and holistic consulting services. We will jump start or accelerate your zero-waste journey.

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