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Why Compost?

Won't it just decompose in the landfill?

You're right - food is biodegradable.  But when it's surrounded by a swamp of plastic and styrofoam it struggles to compost. In fact it can take hundreds of years for a single watermelon rind to meet its end in a landfill, generating methane gas that is 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide - which traps heat in our atmosphere and contributes to global warming. No bueno!

Source: EPA

But is there really that much food waste?

YES! Food scraps are the number one material sent to landfills.

The amount of food we throw out is nearly 50 percent more than it was in 1970. Today, that number amounts to 40 percent of what our farmers grow, and averages 20 pounds of food per household per month.

Source: FDA

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