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CoCo makes sustainable living easy and accessible through curbside compost collection and our local, sustainable goods delivery and refill program.




We swap your bin with a clean bin filled with local, sustainable products


Fill your Compost Colorado bin with the compostable waste you create every week


You shop our store Simple Swaps for more

sustainable goods in your next swap!


Start today with a

month-to-month payment plan or save by registering for a whole year

in advance!


Simple Swaps Store

The Simple Swaps online store is a collection of eco-friendly products that are shipped to members with package-free delivery. We’ve stocked our store with all your zero-waste essentials such as refillable soap and all-purpose cleaner, hand lotion, grocery items, household items, magazines, CoCo swag and more. All products purchased in our store will be delivered in your clean bucket as a part of the weekly bucket swap; this is our zero-waste delivery service.


See what people are saying about Compost Colorado

CoCo does a great job of paying attention to small sustainable brands and offering a platform for their marketing in a unique and meaningful way. Still love the products given to members - a lovely bonus for already feeling good about reducing food waste in Denver

 From Google 

Compost Colorado provides a reliable curbside composting service. They pick up your compost bucket each week and deliver a clean one. You can put a lot of food waste in the bucket that you would not put in your backyard compost. The bucket fits under my kitchen sink, and the lid seals airtight, so there is no odor. I'm excited to finally have this service available, and it gives us a great way to help keep methane, a potent greenhouse gas, out of the atmosphere

From NextDoor

This start up has an excellent mission to collect household compost materials each week. They fill a void in the market. I don't have to compost in my yard which could attract critters. I have reduced my weekly regular trash volume and I love supporting a new company. They are excellent to work with. Thank you CoCo!

From NextDoor