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CoCo Ambassador Program

 What is it? 

An opportunity for sustainability champions to work together to activate their local communities to participate in composting efforts and receive a free membership!


A way to encourage CoCo drop off memberships, keeping composting as affordable as possible for as many people as possible. 


A way to build community around composting, however that looks to you!

 Who is it? 
  • CoCo Ambassadors are champions for sustainable living.


  • They are interested in building eco-friendly community amongst their neighbors. 


  • They are willing to help us find drop off locations, or volunteer their alleyway/driveway to host a community drop off tote.  ​

 What do Ambassadors do? 
  • You may canvas neighbors, host events, or send text messages or emails to get folks signed up to compost!

  • Each Ambassador's goal is to get 12-15 members signed up.

  • Ambassadors are willing to host their community drop off in their yard, driveway, or alley. 

  • If you are interested in being an ambassador but cannot host a drop off, the first task would be to find a drop off location/community partner to host!

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 What do Ambassadors get? 
  • Ambassadors receive free membership for helping establish community drop off sites and garner participation from neighbors to ensure drop off sites are successful.

  • CoCo will have flyers, door hangers, yard signs and other swag for you to share. 

  • Scripts and form letters you can use to email or call your neighbors.

  • Customize leaflets for your neighborhood.

  • CoCo members will also join you for canvases, support you in hosting block parties or events, and be available to answer any questions you have. 

Ready to get started?
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