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Why Compost?

When your food goes to the landfill, it rots. It doesn’t get any oxygen, so then it creates and emits methane— a powerful and toxic greenhouse gas responsible for warming our planet.

When food goes down the garbage disposal, it loses its potential to sequester carbon.  Plus, then the sewer and water district have to deal with it, and basically turn it into waste.

Healthy soil is a key ingredient to healthy communities, and we can’t have healthy soil without- you guessed it- compost!  Your food scraps become compost, which goes on to provide nutrients and structure for growing food, flowers, and flora, as well as aiding communities via water retention, pollution mitigation, increasing biodiversity, and beautifying the places we live in and love.

What areas do you service?

Our service area extends North from Broomfield, West from Golden, down to Highlands Ranch and Lone Tree! 
If you are interested in composting but live outside the radius?


Please sign up for our waiting list for updates on our progress and expanded collection+delivery radius.

What are the different membership options and prices?
  • Earth Hero:  $33/month or $369/year

    • Weekly Compost Collection 3.5 gallon pail (Great for 1-3 folks who cook most of their meals, and brew coffee)

  • Earth Family: $39/month or $449/year

    • Weekly Compost Collection 5 gallon pail (Perfect for 2-5 friends or family members)

  • Earth Family Plus: $43/month or $499/year

    • Weekly Compost Collection 7 gallon pail (Perfect for 3-8 friends or family members)

  • Drop Off: $18/month or $179/year

    • Weekly Drop Off at one of our drop off locations

  • Commercial Services: Request a quote from

  • Soil Revitalization: $____/package for small yard | $550/package for large yard

    • This package is perfect for revitalizing the soil on medium or large yards!

What all is included in my CoCo membership?

As a curbside pickup member, you will receive weekly compost collection, free shipping and zero-waste packaging on all purchases from our Simple Swap Shop, access to CoCo’s refill delivery program, free Halloween pumpkin collection, free Christmas tree drop off, and a dividend of compost soil in the Spring. You also get the satisfaction of knowing your food scraps will be made into soil rather than rotting away emitting methane in the landfill!

How does curbside pickup work?

How does curbside pickup work?
Members leave their bucket out within 5 feet of the curb on their collection day. Your collection day is found by logging into your membership portal.

How does drop-off work?

Is there a limit to how much I can drop off?
Please try to limit your drop off amount to one 5-gallon container per week!

Can I use any drop-off location?
Yep! While we prefer that you try sticking to your home drop-off location to ensure we provide the proper amount of bins to each location, all drop-off sites are available to you once you sign up. 

What can I compost?

Food Waste: Veggies, fruits, breads, meats, bones, egg shells, table scraps, dairy, coffee, etc

Paper Products: Bags, napkins/paper towels, coffee filters and tea bags, tissues (no lotion infused)

Plants: Flowers, leaves, houseplants, weeds

Compostable-Ware: Cups/cutlery/take-out food containers labelled BPI certified compostable

Other: Waxed paper/cardboard, used pizza boxes (just set those out with your bucket)

What shouldn't I compost?

Animal and Human Waste: Dog waste bags (even compostable ones), kitty litter, used
toilet paper

Plastics: Any plastics not explicitly labelled compostable

Items Labelled Biodegradable: Biodegradable isn't compostable

Other: Fabrics, glass, metal, corks, lint from the dryer

Do you service apartments?

We sure do, as long as you are in our Service Area!

Do you service businesses and offices?

We sure do! We have hundreds corporate clients, ranging from restaurants, to coffee shops, floral shops, gyms, yoga studios, bars and breweries, and more! If you would like to bring composting to your business, is your guy!

When do I put out my bucket?

Collection service can happen anywhere between 7:30am and 6pm, so please have your bucket out in that timeframe on your designated collection day.

What is my collection day?

Your collection day will be listed in your Welcome Email. You can also see your next scheduled collection day on your account dashboard in your membership portal..

How do I keep my bucket clean?

While we will give your bucket a quick wipe down when we collect your compost, there are a few tips and tricks we've found to help keep it clean long term:

  • Use your weekly provided bucket liner with the provided rubber band to secure it in the bucket.

  • Use a smaller countertop bucket, also lined with a compostable bag, as your daily compost bucket. When that fills up, tie off the bag and place it in your larger bucket. Think of your larger bucket as your outside trash can.

  • Don't place hot food into the bucket, it can break down the compostable liner.

  • Placing some newspaper or junk mail at the bottom of the bucket helps collect any juices during the warmer months.

If I am out of town, can I skip a week?

Yep, and even better, you can receive a $5 credit if you skip that week in your customer portal! Just go to the Service and Support dropdown → Service Calendar and select the weeks you will not need service. 

Do you accept yard waste?

Each yard waste season, we offer multiple drop-off options throughout our Service Area for $5 per bag. If you are one of our curbside pickup members, we also offer pickup services for $10 per bag. You can order both the yard waste bags and the pickup service through your customer portal in our Simple Swap Shop. If you are a drop off customer wanting pickup (and in our Service Area), just shoot us an email at and we can work you into one of our routes!

Can I compost my pet waste?

We do not accept pet waste. (NO DOG POOP PLEASE!)

How do I update my billing information?

To update your billing information, just login to your customer portal, go to the Account & Billing dropdown, select Payment Method, and update your information. 

If you’re still having trouble, send us an email at

This all sounds amazing, how do I sign up?

Head on over to our website and check out our membership options
Happy composting!

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