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Heres what makes
us different!

CoCo is an Employee-Owned, Public Benefit Company that goes above and beyond to support our community.

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Progress Oriented

With support from Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment and in close collaboration with Denver’s office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resliency, CoCo is establishing Denver’s first official compost facility.

By developing our own internal compost processing capacity we are cultivating  a more resilient paradigm for managing resources, one that: revitalizes local soil, mitigates contamination, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions that would otherwise be emitted from trucking materials to distant industrial facilities.


CoCo is a team player when it comes to supporting policy initiatives at the city and state level.


Denver Food Rescue, and the Waste No More Task Force. Our team members have collaborated with these organizations as well as EcoCycle to help roll out more zero-waste and holistic resource management policies to support our greater community.

Policy Minded

We are a member of Good Business Colorado, Recycle Colorado, and the Colorado Composting Council. Our founder volunteers on the Denver Sustainability Advisory Council,

Our bottom line = environmental impact. The more households and businesses sign up with us, the more we divert from the landfill AND the more soil we can restore!


By supporting us (an employee owned, public benefit company) you can rest assured that we are doing everything we can for the triple bottom line. PS We divert over 50,000 pounds from the landfill each week!

Impact Driven

While our overhead has grown significantly since the early days (rent, insurance, HR, etc) we aim to keep our prices as low as possible to make composting as accessible and inclusive as possible. 

Through our compost dividend program, CoCo has distributed over 500 cubic yards of compost across our service area since we were founded in 2018.


Our facility, “The CoCo Complex”, is based in the North Denver neighborhood, Globeville. Our neighborhood unfortunately faces environmental injustice with poor air quality, dreadful soil health, and water

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Community Focused

pollution. CoCo is proud to collaborate with Globeville First on tree plantings every year! We’ve also distributed over 100 cubic yards of compost for soil revitalization efforts that will help encourage further tree growth.

We’ve promoted dozens of local, sustainability-minded businesses and organizations to our residential members and always try to source our supplies locally whenever possible.

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Despite being a cash strapped start up, we’ve still managed to donate to several nonprofit organizations over the years including over $5K to provide relief to the Marshal Wildfire victims. Like building soil, we’re prioritizing growing deeper and developing

partnerships with local businesses and organizations who share our values.

Locally Invested


Here's What Others Are Saying!

"Fussell, a fully activated environmentalist, and his team salvage over two million pounds of organic waste a year, offering a growing list of 2,000-plus businesses and

homes that sustainable living

made easy."


"The folks at Compost Colorado are passionate about the planet. They work with thousands of homes and more than a hundred businesses in the metro to collect their compost bins."

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"CoCo works with more than 30 local businesses such as Amethyst Coffee Company, Colorado Public Radio and Sexy Pizza have taken Compost Colorado on to cut waste and reduce the greenhouse gas footprint they make, helping Denver take another step towards becoming more sustainable."

"It’s a big step forward for CoCo founder and CEO Vann Fussell, who started the business four years ago after moving to Denver and finding

out his apartment building, and many suburbs, didn’t

have composting


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