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Interested in composting? Please email

You do not need to be an expert in sustainability, have a green thumb, or know much about compost to work with us. Set your worries aside and let our trained professionals help your organization turn your food scraps into a meaningful investment in your community!


Every business is different
This is where we would like to get a better sense of you and your operation while also telling you more about is.  Why do you want to work with us? How are meals served or prepared? How many people work with you? Who is eating and what is being eaten?

Onboarding and Signage

This process starts with a staff training and introduction to the importance of food waste diversion.The goal of this process is to get out ahead of any concerns, address any questions, and make your facility feel comfortable knowing they can compost successfully.

Custom Collection and Reporting
We set you up with a collection schedule, the bins, and other resources to ensure your facility is set up for success! We give you an environmental impact report, looking at the greenhouse gas impact you can make working with us, and we can even tell you how much new soil you will create.


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