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What Can I Compost?

Compost Colorado partners with A1 Organics to turn your food waste, paper products and plant materials into living soil. The advantage to utilizing a commercial partner for your composting needs is that our list of ‘What To Compost’ is typically longer than an at-home composter’s list.

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Compost This:

  • Food Waste: produce*, coffee grounds and filters, bread, grains, meat and bones, dairy, egg shells, meal scraps, etc.

  • Paper Products: bags, napkins, tissues, towels and paper tea bags

  • Plants: flowers, leaves and trimmings

  • Compostable-ware: products that are labeled BPI certified compostable including cups, lids, bags and containers

  • Other: waxed paper and waxed cardboard

  • *Produce stickers should be removed prior to composting

Don't Compost This:

  • Animal Waste: dog bags (even if labeled compostable), kitty litter and toilet paper with human waste

  • Plastics: k-cups, styrofoam and ‘biodegradable’ plastic that is not labeled ‘compostable’

  • Other: linens, glass, metal and cork


Please email us at with any questions about this list! 

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